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[fanmix] as we collide | for Paige

As We Collide

[a sam winchester/chloe sullivan fanmix]



Damaged People >> Depeche Mode

We're damaged people

Drawn together

By subtleties that we are not aware of

Disturbed souls

Playing out forever

These games that we once thought we would be scared of

Simon >> Lifehouse

And I have felt the same as you.

Locked inside

The only place

Where you feel sheltered,

Where you feel safe.

You lost yourself

In your search to find

Something else to hide behind.

Ride >> Cary Brothers

If I told you you were right

Would you take my hand tonight?

If I told you the reasons why

Would you leave your life and ride?

You saw all my pieces broken

This darkness that I could never show

Supernatural >> Daughtry

Through the atmosphere I'm seeing

Glimpses of the past I'm leaving

Holding on for life as we collide

But now it's too late, it's taking over me

It feels so supernatural and I'm pulled the other way

It's more than I can take and I'm losing hold of everything

Stars and Boulevards >> Augustana

Wait, dear

White horse is walking down my street here

Your words are creeping at my feet

I fear that sunrise will come too soon and you'll disappear

To the haze of a city and yourself

No Way Back >> 8mm

There's no way you're coming back

Babe, I know you never leave without your gun

But if you let it be and just sit down

And lay your head on me

And just stay with me.

Pieces >> Red

I come to you in pieces

So you can make me whole