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[FIC] The Unsung Heroes, PG

For: [ profile] lunarknightz
Request: Fic: The Daily Planet, Batman, Kisses
Type: Fic with graphics
Title: The Unsung Heroes (or, Smallville Season Ten: the Musical)
Rating: PG
Contains: MPREG, VERY mild spoilers, but mostly just speculation for the tenth season of Smallville, mild profanity.
Summary: Before he was Superman, he was just a young man with extraordinary abilities.
A/N: It started off as a manip with the possibility of a drabble. Then I realized how much wiggle room I had with this prompt and it got a little out of control. This is why I can't have nice things. Made for [ profile] secret_chlark.


No Suit -- But Actor Tom Welling May Be Donning Tights After All!

After the runaway success of Fox's hit series, "Glee," Smallville executives have taken a page from Ryan Murphy's play book, turning their re-imaging of Superman's youth into a singing, dancing tale of heroic proportions! Season ten is looking to being the lightest, most musical version of Superman the world has ever witnessed!

posted to smallville_tv:

Musical Superman for Tenth Season of Smallville?

Ha-ha, very funny, CW. April Fools, right?


Here's what you missed last time on Smallville: Just as everyone predicted, the Kandorians got powers and tried to take over the world, so the League and the Justice Society of America teamed up to stop them. Oliver was trying to get a satellite online for Chloe who was at the Watchtower trying to get in touch with the other heroes. He managed to get the satellite online but was swarmed by a mysterious force --

-- and it wasn't the Kandorians.

Meanwhile, Clark used the Book of Rao, which was actually a key to send the Kandorians to a different world. Before he could go with them, Zod stabbed him with a dagger made out of blue Kryptonite and he fell off the side of a building.

And that's what you missed last time on Smallville!

Smallville Season 10 Episode Guide

Season 10, Episode 1
The blue kryptonite Zod used to stab Clark has turned him into an ordinary human. Without powers, Lois has no proof that Clark and the Blur are the same person! Meanwhile, Oliver is missing in action, and Chloe is left struggling to piece the League back together. A mysterious business man named Uxas Di Eskrad buys the Talon, forcing Chloe and Lois to move to Metropolis. Kara returns.
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Justin Hartley is credited but does not appear in this episode.
Despite lack of formal training by several main actors, they performed all of their singing and dancing.
Robert Wisdom (Uxas Eskrad) and Laura Vandervoort are added to the opening credits.
This is the third time Clark has lost his powers, and the second time they've had to be restored by the Fortress.
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Clark Kent: I think the blue kryptonite did something else to me.
Chloe Sullivan: You mean besides turn you into Mr. Rogers? [pointing toward boxes of computer equipment] Get that for me, will you?
Clark Kent: Don't you just feel like dancing?
Chloe Sullivan: Excuse me?

[while researching]
Chloe Sullivan: I'm sorry, Clark, but this is weird. Even for Meteor Central.
Clark Kent: Chloe, you're not the one who just sang Leo Sayer.
Chloe Sullivan: You're not the one who just got a kryptonite-induced Sayer serenade from her cousin's boyfriend.
Clark Kent: [pause] Right. Find Oliver, ignore everything else.

Uxas Eskard: Yeah, see, here's the thing: I bought the building and I don't like your faces. So move out. You have thirty days.
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"You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" performed by Tom Welling (originally by Leo Sayer)

Season 10, Episode 2
Clark and Chloe find Oliver wandering the outskirts of Smallville, but something is wrong. His most recent memories have been erased! With the Talon under new ownership, Kara is forced to seek employment elsewhere.
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Oliver is the seventh major character to lose his memory for an extended period of time after Chloe, Clark, Kara, Lex, Lionel, and Lois.
Erica Durance is credited but does not appear in this episode.
More Trivia »

Chloe Sullivan: Oliver, things have changed since, uh, well. Things are different now, from when you remember them.
Oliver Queen: Like you having a key to my apartment.
Chloe Sullivan: Your security system couldn't keep me out. It seemed like a better solution than me having to hack my way in.
Oliver Queen: Okay. Well, start at the top, sidekick.

Clark Kent: Do you remember anything?
Oliver Queen: There was a man. He wanted me to give you a message. He said. [pause] He said, "Luke, I am your father."
Clark Kent: Well, at least we know the amnesia didn't damage your sense of humor.
Oliver Queen: It didn't, but I wasn't joking. That's message. [off Clark's look] Yeah, that's what I said.

Oliver Queen: Chloe's lying to me about something, isn't she?

Lara Kent: Hi! I am Kara Kent and I would like my job back, please!
Uxas Eskard: Is this a joke? You have no resume, you're prone to disappearing for extended periods of time without notice, and I am wildly and inappropriately attracted to you. Hardly things I want in a future employee.
Kara Kent: But I have a brilliant personality!
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"Nothing Without You" performed by Allison Mack (originally by Vienna Teng)
"All These Things I've Done" performed by Justin Hartley (originally by the Killers)

Season 10, Episode 3
Chloe acquires a mysterious kryptonian artifact that could be used to help track down the metahuman responsible for the musical craze plaguing Metropolis! But when the artifact activates, it has unusual results!
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Throughout the episode Chloe is referred to as D'Nesh, Gaila, Maras, Marta, and Navaar. These are names of female Orions in the series Star Trek.
Phil Morris and Alessandro Juliani guest star.
More Trivia »

Chloe Sullivan: Does the universe think I'm really that unhappy just being plain ol' Chloe Sullivan that I have to keep waking up as other people?
Clark Kent: No, you're still you. You still have your birth mark, so --
Chloe Sullivan: I'm not sure if you noticed, Clark, but I'm not supposed to be green.
Oliver Queen: I thought you liked green.
John Jones: Do not make her angry, Oliver. You would not like her when angry. [to Chloe] You would be considered quite the fine specimen on Mars.
Chloe Sullivan: Thanks, John. Uhm, I think. [pause] Wait. How did you know about my birthmark, Clark?
Clark Kent: Uh.
Chloe Sullivan: You peeked?!
Oliver Queen: What? He what? He -- ooh, Clark, you didn't.
Clark Kent: Uh. I think Lois is in danger. I should go save her. [speeds away]

Oliver Queen: So, you and me, huh?
Chloe Sullivan: Me and you.
Oliver Queen: Lois and I just kind of went to hell?
Chloe Sullivan: In a green leather hand-basket. While the alcohol business hasn't exactly been missing your patronage, there has been a bit of dip in the mid-morning Martini industry.
Oliver Queen: Were we...were we serious? [referring to his relationship with Chloe]
Chloe Sullivan: [long pause] Not a bit. It was a mutually satisfactory arrangement.
Oliver Queen: Very satisfactory, I hope.
Chloe Sullivan: Meh.
Oliver Queen: Now you're just saying that to hurt me.
Chloe Sullivan: You need someone to help keep that ego in check.

Chloe Sullivan: Being a super-powered alien goddess sounds great in theory, I mean, don't get me wrong. It's great when you're surrounded by trekkies, but the rest? For example, no one ever talks about the dietary requirements.
Clark Kent: [shrugs] It's not so bad.
Chloe Sullivan: You got off easy, Clark. I've eaten every form of plant life in the Watchtower and a box of screws.
Clark Kent: It's a good source of iron, at least.
Chloe Sullivan: Watch it, Space Boy. I'm just as strong as you are now.
Clark Kent: I'll be good.
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"It's Not Easy Being Green" performed by Allison Mack (originally by Kermit the Frog)
"The Middle" performed by Justin Hartley (originally by Jimmy Eat World)

Season 10, Episode 4
Pete Ross has changed since he left Smallville all those years ago. He's toughened up. He's got his head on straight. He's ready to fight the seedy underbelly that feeds on the unfortunate souls who live on the wrong side of Wichita. But can he juggle a budding superhero career, law school, and...a new enemy?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Guest star Sam Jones III returns, and features prominently in this episode. In fact, Allison Mack is the only regular actor who appears. Phil Morris also guest stars.
The Smallville credits were redone for this episode. They were done in the same style as the original credits, but were stated to be for a show called "Wichita" and featured images of Sam Jones III as Pete Ross, Kristen Kreuk as Lana Lang, Brian Austin Green as John Corbin, Paul Wesley as Lucas Luthor, and Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan. This is the second time the credits have had a major redoing.
It is revealed that Lana has been living in Wichita, working with Pete and battling the metahumans there, though she does not appear in this episode.
It is revealed that Chloe and Lana are still running ISIS, though they have hired professionals to deal with the clients.
It is unknown whether or not whatever is affecting Clark and the others in Metropolis is affecting Wichita. Lucas does sing one song (and dance), however, the others do not join in or seem terribly surprised/worried by this behavior.
It is revealed that after knocking Lois out, Chloe gave the red kryptonite heart to her to give to John Corbin.
Introduces yellow kryptonite, which has an unspecified effect on Kryptonians.
More Trivia »

Pete Ross: [into phone] Clark, this really isn't the best --
Clark Kent: Yeah, Pete, I know you're busy with law school, but --
Pete Ross: I mean, really not a good time, Clark. I'm having some, uh, electical problems.
[Pete dodges a bolt of electricity shot from the hands of a young, female metahuman]
Pete Ross: [continued] Can I call you back?
Clark Kent: Sure, I'm just saying it feels like we haven't talked in forever.
Pete Ross: Gotta go, Clark. I need to cut the power --
[hangs up phone, knocks lightning girl out with a chair]
Pete Ross: [to lightning girl] You're gonna have a huge headache when you wake up. Take an asprin. That'll be the least of your troubles.

Lucas: Is that -- is that Hotness Sullivan? Hey, babe, when are you coming to Wichita? We give good air.
Chloe Sullivan: [over vid-phone] You did not just turn your status as Air Capital of the World into a come-on.
John Corbin: I rather think he did. Hi, Chloe.

Pete Ross: Thanks for the useful information, Chloe. I know that you're busy with work for the Watchtower, ISIS, and the way that your personal life keeps blowing up in your face, but I really appreciate all this help that you're giving me. I value and respect you and your opinions.
Chloe Sullivan: Thanks, Pete.
Pete Ross: I'm always coming to you for help, be it with metahumans, alien invasions, or issues with Lana, and you're always there for me. I just want you to know that if you need someone to talk to, you know I'm here for you. That's what friends are for.
Chloe Sullivan: I know, Pete. But hey, listen, Clark's gone and gotten himself infected with yellow Kryptonite and he's peeing on the floor of the Watchtower. I've got to go. Tell Lana I said to come by soon so we can go over the latest ISIS reports!
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"Tell Me Something Good" performed by Paul Wesley (originally by Chaka Khan)

Season 10, Episode 5
While working on a story for the Daily Planet, Clark and Chloe head into the woods outside of Metropolis where several hitchhikers have gone missing. Meanwhile, Oliver and Lois get closer while she's looking for an apartment to live in. Will sparks fly?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Robert Wisdom and Laura Vandervoort are credited, but do not appear.
More Trivia »

Chloe Sullivan: Cannibals?
Clark Kent: Chloe --
Chloe Sullivan: Cannibals, Clark? Really?
Clark Kent: Not the time.
Chloe Sullivan: What a time not to have powers. Okay, right, running now!

Clark Kent: [while hunched together in a cave next to chloe] Oh, no.
Chloe Sullivan: What? Is it cannibals? Are your powers coming back? Can you hear them?
Clark Kent: No, I -- [closes mouth]
Chloe Sullivan: Clark?
Clark Kent: [starts humming]
Chloe Sullivan: Oh, no.
Clark Kent: I'm trying, Chloe, but I can't fight this feeling.

Lois Lane: I'm sorry, Ollie. But I'm with someone.
Oliver Queen: Right. Clark. You're going steady. Chloe mentioned that.
Lois Lane: Speaking of, you and she seemed to have a good thing going before you hit your head. Why don't you give her a call? See if she's interested in steaming up any penthouse windows.
Oliver Queen:'s complicated.
Lois Lane: You know, when you guys were "not" dating, she said the same thing.

Chloe Sullivan: You just sang REO Speedwagon and kissed me. How do you expect me to react?
Clark Kent: Preferably to the fact that we were almost killed by cannibals.
Chloe Sullivan: Last week the recycling bin outside of Watchtower came alive and tried to eat me. Sorry, but near-death has sort of gotten old hat. Especially compared to my cousin's boyfriend macking on me in a cave.
Clark Kent: Who usually has invulnerability and doesn't find near-death old hat. Sorry. It was just the situation.
Chloe Sullivan: If you were trying to distract me with your love of Jersey Shore, you have failed, Kent. You have failed hard.
Clark Kent: Listen -- I can't do this now. Here, take the keys to the truck. I have to get back to Metropolis.
Chloe Sullivan: You mean you have to get back to Lois and reaffirm your love for her. Yeah, run away. You've gotten good at lately.
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"Teddy Bear's Picnic" performed by Allison Mack (composed by John Walter Bratton, written by Jimmy Kennedy; Henry Hall version)
"Can't Fight This Feeling" performed by Tom Welling (originally by REO Speedwagon)

Season 10, Episode 6
Something in the woods is hunting Chloe. It has company. And it is determined to make sure she doesn't leave alive. Will Clark be in time to save her?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Laura Vanervoort and Robert Wisdom are credited but do not appear in this episode.
More Trivia »

Clark Kent: Chloe, where have you been? I've been looking for you all morning! Why are you covered in mud?
Chloe Sullivan: All morning?
Clark Kent: Yes. I need information on a bank robbery and all of the Watchtower's computers are locked down. I couldn't find you anywhere.
Chloe Sullivan: Did you try the woods outside of Smallville where you left me a week ago?
Clark Kent: What are you talking about? I gave you the keys to the truck.
Chloe Sullivan: Yeah? Well those cannibals we thought were dead? Either not so dead or had friends. Friends who can hot-wire and hide trucks and were intent on killing me.

Oliver Queen: [as soon as he enters the Watchtower] Hey, Chloe, are you -- [looks at her, turns back around] Uhm. Excuse me. I have to leave. Now. I have a -- a thing. You don't look so good, which is something I didn't think I'd ever see. But I'm just going to send Emil around --
Chloe Sullivan: You should go.
Oliver Queen: I'm trying. The door is stuck.

Lois Lane: And then Chloe just left?
Clark Kent: Yeah.
Lois Lane: Wow. I mean, no reasons, no warnings. Nothing. Hope she's okay.
Clark Kent: Yup.
Lois Lane: Are you sure you're okay, Smallville?
Clark Kent: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?
Lois Lane: Because you've gone all monosyllabical on me.
Clark Kent: Not really much to say.
Lois Lane: [sighs] Listen, Clark. I'm not gonna get all jealous girlfriend on you if you want to go chase her down and tell her to stay. I know you and Chloe are close. I mean, this has gotta be like your right hand walking off.
Clark Kent: [waves hand] It's right here, Lois.
Lois Lane: Seriously. I'm not gonna be making this offer long.
Clark Kent: Lois, really, I'm fine.
Lois Lane: Are you sure, Clark? Cuz this is, like, weird. Even for you. I'd have thought you'd have some kind of reaction to her leaving.
Clark Kent: Me too. I guess we've just...grown apart.
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"I Will Survive" performed by Allison Mack (originally by Gloria Gaynor)

Hit The Road Running
After a special two-part event featuring cannibals, explosions, jet planes, machine guns, ninjas, vampires, dinosaurs, and a heart stopping rendition of "I Will Survive" by Allison Mack, all of which culminating in Chloe giving Clark a kiss off that's been about four years in the making, Smallville clawed its way out of a ratings tail-spin to bring in record numbers for the show...

Visit to see the rest of the article

Season 10, Episode 7
Kara finally manages to find a a copy girl at the Daily Planet! Will she be able to survive the perils of working in the fast paced world of newspaper? She just might give big cousin Clark a run for his money!
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Erica Durance, Allison Mack, and Robert Wisdom are credited but do not appear in this episode.
Michael McKean guest stars.
During the performance of "Everyday is Exactly the Same," the newspaper being read by one of the Daily Planet staff is a Daily Planet newspaper. You can catch a glimpse of the headline, which reads "Loch Ness in the Metropolis Harber?" Part of the byline reads "Lane & Kent" before he balls it up and throws it away. This is a reference to the legendary Lois Lane and Clark Kent writing team.
During the performance of "A Place In This World," 10-year-old Jimmy can be seen amongst the dancers.
One of the reporters interviewed says the line "Honey, it's F7, okay?" On most computers, F7 functions as the spellcheck key. This is a reference to the Iconic Lois Lane's inability to spell.
Throughout the episode, it is alluded that several DP reporters have tried to publish the "Clark is Blur" story, but are stonewalled by one of the following: Chloe's hacking ability, Oliver's money, John's ability to erase memory, or Martha's senatorial power.
More Trivia »

Kara Kent: So..what exactly do I do here?
Reporter #1: don't have any experience whatsoever?
Kara Kent: Well, no. Not really.
[Cut to: Interview with Reporter #1]
Reporter #1: Just *bleep* great. That's exactly what we need. More *bleep* *bleep* that don't know white out from nail polish. Come on out to the Daily *bleep* Planet! You don't need *bleep* like college or experience or work references! I graduated top of my class, Editor for my school paper, and they made me a copy boy for three *bleep* years before they gave me a chance. A real chance. Now, they've got some broad down in the basement turning out all the front page pieces. [scoffs] Loch Ness in the Metropolis Harbor. I have a Pulitzer! The Times won't take me. *bleep*, the Inquisitor won't take me. Trust me. I checked.

Reporter #6: [in interview] I think Corbin might've had the right idea. I mean, sure he's wanted by the government, but I hear this paper gave him a job anyway. And you need a minimum of three years experience just to score an interview.

Reporter #12: [in interview] I never thought I'd say this, but I miss Kahn.

Reporter #17: [in interview] Of course everyone knows that guy in the basement is the Blur. I mean, we're reporters. We're under the *bleep* Tiffany Lamps. We can see patterns in, oh, mysterious winds that coincide with him just not *bleep* being there anymore. [opens door out to hallway] Hey! Iris! [woman at copy machine looks up] Who's the Blur?
Iris: You mean that kid down in the basement?
Reporter #17: Also, there are pictures.

Reporter #24: That man needs to see a tailor. He dresses all right when he's here, but assuming we're not stuck in the Matrix, who wants to get saved by Keanu Reeves? Reeves can hardly save his own acting career!

Reporter #32: Honey, it's F *bleep* 7, okay? Not rocket science. If I get one more article that looks like you keysmashed the *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*, I will hold you down and feed you your keyboard.
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"Everyday is Exactly the Same" performed by the Daily Planet Staff (originally by Nine Inch Nails)
"A Place In This World" performed by Laura Vandervoort and the Daily Planet Staff (originally by Taylor Swift)

Courtesy of Smallville's Official Extras website:

Season 10, episode 8
As Clark continues to neglect his friends, Zatanna comes to town to teach him a lesson. For 24 hours, he is forced to rely on Oliver, Kara, and a visiting Bart Allen to help him! Will life as a puppet teach Clark to let someone else take the lead every once in a while...or is he in over his head?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Serinda Swan, Kyle Gallner, and Phil Morris guest star.
Allison Mack is credited but does not appear.
The puppet used for Clark was a reversible puppet (with his alterego Superman on the other side) bought from a collector's site. It was worth $55 before it was seen on Smallville.
It is established that Chloe has gone to visit Pete in Wichita.
During the "Safety Dance" performance, Kyle Gallner is, in fact, the person moving "Clark's" strings.
During the first performance of "Puppet On A String," Clark seems to only have eyes for Lois. During the reprisal, several times Clark's eyes can be seen directed out the window of the copy room he and Lois are dancing in.
More Trivia »

Clark Kent: I wish Chloe were here.
Oliver Queen: Are you sure I was the one who was sleeping with her? I mean, I might be missing something because of the amnesia, but that's, like, the ninth time you've said something about her in the last hour.
Bart Allen: Eleventh. You were in the bathroom for two of 'em.
Clark Kent: Chloe would know what to do.
Oliver Queen: So, she's dealt with intergalactic space travellers being turned into intergalactic space travelling puppets before? Damn, she's getting sexier all the time.
Bart Allen: Dude. I've been trying to tell you.
Clark Kent: No more talking about Chloe.

Bart Allen: [while working Clark's strings, making him dance] You're a wee little puppet man!
Clark Kent: I'm going to hurt you when I'm big again.
Bart Allen: You'll have to catch me first, tough guy. Come on, Clark. You can dance if you want to!

Bart Allen: Oliver! His nose comes off!
Kara Kent: I want to see!
Clark Kent: I hate you all.
John Jones: You do not, Puppet Clark. We are family.
Kara Kent: And he would know. He can read minds.
Bart Allen: Really? What am I thinking about right now?
John Jones: Tacos.
Bart Allen: Yes.
Clark Kent: Hate hate hate.

Zatanna Zatara: That's strange.
Clark Kent: What is?
Zatanna Zatara: There's...a force. Influencing you. Something dark.
Clark Kent: What do you mean? What kind of force?
Zatanna Zatara: I'm not sure. I felt it in you the last time I was here. But it's grown since then, changed.
Clark Kent: What is it?
Zatanna Zatara: I don't know, Clark, but I can tell you one thing: it's some seriously bad juju. I can try to remove it, Clark, but without knowing what it is or how it got there, I don't know what will happen.
Clark Kent: Can you tell what it's doing?
Zatanna Zatara: Changing you. The way you think, the way you feel, the way you percieve the world. The changes would have been subtle, but it's...preparing you.
Clark Kent: For what?
Zatanna Zatara: I don't know. But it can't be anything good. We need to get it out of you.
More Quotes »

"Safety Dance" performed by Kyle Gallner with Tom Welling and John Hartley (originally by Men Without Hats)
"Puppet On A String" performed by Tom Welling (originally by Elvis Presely)

Season 10, Episode 9
Lois gets caught up as the flag girl in the dangerous world of illegal drag racing...and she takes an unsuspecting Kara along for the ride!
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Allison Mack is credited but does not appear in this episode.
Some scenes were edited from the Fast and the Furious movies.
It is revealed that Kara does not know how to drive a car.
It is established that Kara swears in Kryptonian.
A drag racer and unidentified female are seen dancing in the background of the opening sequence, and singing "You're The One That I Want" from the hit movie Grease.
More Trivia »

Clark Kent: Have you seen Lois? Recently?
Uxas Eskrad: She would be the one that tried to punch me when I terminated their lease?
Clark Kent: Sounds like her.
Uxas Eskrad: I believe several large, tattooed men threw her in the back of a van.
Clark Kent: What?!
Uxas Eskrad: I hardly thought it was my place to interfere.
Clark Kent: You watched Lois get kidnapped!
Uxas Eskrad: How was I to know it was a kidnapping? I reported what I saw to the sheriff's department, giving them a description of her kidnappers as well as the license plate of the vehicle she was take in. They didn't think it was much of a problem, and what your loud-mouthed girlfriend gets herself into his hardly a concern of mine. The failing crops, however, are. It's practically an a-CROP-olis. Did you get my joke? Because the crops are doing poorly, it seems like it is the end of the world. Though it isn't really the end of the world. Yet.

Lois Lane: Why, it's Greased Lightning!
Kara Kent: No, Lois. That's a car. Duh.
Lois Lane: [deadpan] Thanks, Kara. Since I'm not, like, a reporter trained in the art of observation or anything I wouldn't have even noticed.

Clark Kent: As hard as this is for you to believe, not everything that goes wrong in Smallville is Kara Kent's fault.
Kara Kent: Of course it isn't. Why by Rao would I think it was? What you talking about, Kal-El?
Clark Kent: I just mean that what ever happened to...Uxas...doesn't have anything to do with you. If he cares more for the crops and he can't realize how special you are--
Kara Kent: My Rao, Kal, Uxas is visiting family in Apokolips. He had to take a Boom Tube and that's why he hasn't been in contact w --
Clark Kent: Kara. I'm going to need you to start at the beginning.
More Quotes »

"Shut up and Drive" performed by Erica Durance and Laura Vandervoort (originally by Rihanna)
"You're The One That I Want" performed by Drag Racers (originally by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John)
"Hey Pretty " performed by Erica Durance (originally by Poe)

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Season 10, Episode 10
Clark is thrown into another world where all of his friends have starring roles! Chloe, Kara, Lana, and Lois are a quartet of crime-fighting, thrill-seeking private detectives trying to take down the combined forces of Lex, Jason, and an evil Oliver! In a world where a familiar face may very well be his enemy -- and without his powers -- will Clark be able to help his friends and find a way home?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Jensen Ackles, Aaron Ashmore, Cassidy Freeman, Kristen Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, and Annette O'Toole guest star.
Robert Wisdom is credited but does not appear in this episode.
It is established that in the alternate world, Chloe, Kara, Lana, and Lois work for Checkmate under the leadership of Martha Kent. It is assumed that the evil organization Jason, Oliver, and Lex are a part of is "the Children of Veritas," since the crest can be found on almost all available surfaces.
During alternate Lois's performance of "Like A Virgin," Clark can clearly be seen trying to escape her bedroom and after the line "been saving it all for you," Clark can clearly be heard saying "yeah, I doubt that" though it does not show in the subtitles.
There is no performance of "What you waiting for?" but it is heard over the opening scene and over several of the fight scenes all of the girls participate in.
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Lex Luthor: Well, if it isn't Charlie's Angels. And it looks like you've brought Lara Croft with you.
Oliver Queen: [to Clark] I guess that makes you Bosley? I'd kill for your problems.

Lois Lane: If you say "I'm here to rescue you,", they will never find the body, Kent.
Lana Lang: Lois!
Chloe Sullivan: This isn't the time --
Kara Kent: She is right. You can weigh no more than 220 pounds. Lois and I could take you. Lana knows all the good spots to dispose of a body. [pause] Chloe would cover our tracks. She's very good at that.
Clark Kent: that a "no" on the rescue then?

Clark Kent: You seem rather...nonchalant about all of this.
Lois Lane: What? Being chased by Lex's goons?
Lana Lang: We jump out of planes for a living, Clark. Ninjas on snowmobiles are pretty old hat.
Kara Kent: [entering room] Where should I unload the new rocket launcher?
Chloe Sullivan: Lois, see about getting that mounted onto the SUV. [off Clark's look] What? Defensive driving only does so much.
Kara Kent: You never know when the launching of rockets will be necessary.

Lois Lane: I don't know, Kent's kind of hot.
Kara Kent: To be the most man-hateriest man hater to ever hate a man, you've certainly got a thing for a man in power.
Lois Lane: Name one --
Chloe Sullivan: Oliver Queen.
Lana Lang: Grant Gabriel.
Chloe Sullivan: Lex Luthor.
Lana Lang: You and Lex?
Lois Lane: I was young!
Chloe Sullivan: Arthur Curry.
Lois Lane: What power did A.C. have? Besides the power of driving people to claw out their own eyes at the sight of his clothes?
Chloe Sullivan: You mean besides being a multiple gold medal winning Olympic athlete? The legion of fans that referred to themselves as "Curry-ers"? Face it, Lo. The second Kent gave some ambiguous statement about having power back home and how it was vitally important that he returned there because his world would fall apart without him, you were lost.
Lana Lang: Sunk.
Kara Kent: Ready to spread your legs. [all girls turn to look at her] Was that bad to say?

Clark Kent: [jolts awake] No more watching Scyfy channel before bed.
More Quotes »

"Independent Women" performed by Erica Durance, Kristen Kreuk, Allison Mack, and Laura Vandervoort (originally by Destiny's Child)
"Like A Virgin" performed by Erica Durance (originally by Madonna)
"Back to Reality (How Ever Do You Want Me)" performed by Erica Durance, Kristen Kreuk, and Allison Mack (originally by Soul II Soul)

Season 10, Episode 11
As it turns out, Clark's powers aren't all that impressive when he's an inch tall. After uncovering one of Doctor Hamilton's old experiments...Oliver and Clark find themselves shrunk! Trapped in the Watchtower, how will the duo face down spiders, dust bunnies, and a Roomba? How long can they survive living on Bart's crumbs?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews>

If Clark's powers are comparable to that of an average human male when he is an inch tall, killing the spider that attacks he and Oliver would have been a lot easier. Not only that, he should have been larger than the spider. Unless the Watchtower has tarantulas.
Erica Durance and Robert Wisdom are credited but do not appear.
More Trivia »

Oliver Queen: Emil is so fired for this.

Clark Kent: What exactly is Dr. Hamilton a doctor of, anyway?
Oliver Queen: Science. He is also fired once this is over, I'm not sure if I mentioned that.

Oliver Queen: [staring down Chloe's shirt] Magnificent.
Clark Kent: She will step on you if she finds out about this.
Oliver Queen: I have made my peace. Besides, it might jog some of my memories. Clear the cobwebs. Yes, everything is coming back now. I have touched these breasts, fondled them, had very ungentlemanly thoughts devoted to them. Things could become clearer if I touched them.
Chloe Sullivan: You're an inch tall, not mimes. I can still hear you.
Oliver Queen: What do you say we take this somewhere more private?
Chloe Sullivan: Oh my God. Seriously?
Oliver Queen: Completely. We call up Emil, make him figure out how to reverse his shrink ray before we promptly fire him...unless you and I find ourselves otherwise...occupied
Chloe Sullivan: Clark, did you just growl?
Oliver Queen: Speaking of, we stick Clark in a mason jar so he doesn't get himself into any trouble, maybe poke some holes in the lid...then you carry me upstairs...just see where it takes us.
Chloe Sullivan: Oh my God.
Oliver Queen: I understand your reluctance, Chloe. My mind is telling me, "no." But my body -- my body -- is telling me, "yes."

Clark Kent: So...does this mean you're back in Metropolis?
Chloe Sullivan: No. I was just. I was passing through on my way to Gotham when you and Oliver tripped the sensors. I'm just resetting the remote access relays, putting the Watchtower back into stand-by mode, and...I'm leaving.
Clark Kent: But Gotham, Chloe? Isn't it dangerous there? What about your friends? Your family? What about Lois?
Chloe Sullivan: We aren't a package deal, Clark. And, in case you were unaware, I do have other family. Like my dad. In Gotham.
Clark Kent: I didn't mean it like Lois is more important than your dad.
Chloe Sullivan: No. You were just thinking about making the woman you love happy the way you always have. And that's noble. But it can't come at the expense of someone else's happiness.
Clark Kent: I didn't know you were unhappy.
Chloe Sullivan: There were so few times that I wasn't, that I didn't know I was either.
Clark Kent: Chloe --
Chloe Sullivan: Bye, Clark. [leaves]
Clark Kent: I always want to make the woman I love happy. Even at the expense of my own. I can finally see the truth.
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"It's A Small World (After All)" performed by Justin Hartley and Tom Welling (Written by Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman)
"Bump n Grind" performed by Justin Hartley (originally by R. Kelly)
"I Wanna" performed by Tom Welling (originally by The All-American Rejects)

Season 10, Episode 12
Clark and Oliver go undercover at a pop idol competition after A.C. enters and goes missing. Clark runs into another contestant with a necklace striped with red and black kryptonite, which splits he and Kal's consciousness -- but not body! Will Oliver be able to figure out what happened to A.C. and keep Kal from exposing himself on national television at the same time? Will he and Clark become America's Next Pop Duet Idol Star winners?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Alan Ritchson guest stars.
Allison Mack is credited but does not appear in this episode.
Kara does not call Clark "Kal" after this episode.
Establishes that Kryptonite can be mixed, but maintains the properties of the original rocks.
Throughout the episode, instead of instrumental background music, all of the background music is sung or hummed by a man's voice. Alan Ritchson provided the background music.
It is revealed that due to his time spent on the island, Oliver suffers thalassophobia.
Oliver and Clark go undercover with the aliases of Howard Hill and Joe Fordman. Hill is a famous archer that killed an elephant with a bow and arrow, and Fordman is the same alias Clark used in Season 7's Bulletproof.
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Oliver Queen: I'm not sure why you're here, Clark.
Clark Kent: Chloe said that both of us would be needed for this mission.

America's Next Pop Duet Idol Star Judge #2: Oh em gee. I love the look. It's like sexy male model rolled out of bed, pulled on his lesbian roommate's flannels, and teamed up with sexier Oliver Queen, who is ready to bend the world over and take what he wants.
America's Next Pop Duet Idol Star Judge #3: And let me guess: together they fight crime.
America's Next Pop Duet Idol Star Judge #1: Don't be ridiculous. They can barely carry a note between them; I'd hesitate to trust them with the public's safety.
America's Next Pop Duet Idol Star Judge #2: I miss slutty Oliver. [pause] What are we talking about?

Clark Kent: We'll need to choose a song that AC will recognize when he hears it. What about --
Oliver Queen: No.
Clark Kent: You don't even know what song I was going to suggest.
Oliver Queen: It was going to be another Beach Boys song, and I just think you should know that I have access to large quantities of Kryptonite.
Clark Kent: Well there's no need to be rude. You could have just said no.
Oliver Queen: No.

Oliver Queen: So, do you make it a habit to get infected by red kryptonite and become a jerk? Because this is one of those things we're going to need to discuss if we're going to be America's Next Pop Duet Idol Stars.
Clark Kent: Not if I can help it.
Oliver Queen: Who usually has to deal with you?
Clark Kent: Well, Lana used to be a fairly, uh, active participant in my red k adventures. But my parents usually dealt with it...and Chloe.
Oliver Queen: So that would explain why Kal kept bringing her up.
Clark Kent: Probably. [long pause] Thanks for your help today.
Oliver Queen: Don't worry about it. It was as much for my sake as it was yours. Don't get me wrong, Clark, but there are just some sides of you I do not need to see. The nudity thing is just a phase, right? You get infected with red k and I'm not going to have to wrestle you back into your pants, am I?
Clark Kent: I think it was the work clothes. They're...restraining. Usually I just hit on Lana and screw up my relationships with everyone else. So...yeah. The nudity is new.
Oliver Queen: Yeah, I'm not cut-out for the sidekick thing. You might want to give Lois a call, see if she's interested in the position.
Clark Kent: I had a sidekick. Heck, she was the hero of the story more times than I can count.
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"Rude Boy" performed by Charlotte Sullivan (originally by Rihanna)
"A & B Song" performed by Justin Hartley and Tom Welling (originally by Tom McRae)
"Carry On My Wayward Son" by Justin Hartley and Tom Welling (originally by Kansas)

Season 10, Episode 13
It's not easy being an evil assumed dead genius billionaire. A day in the life of Lex Luthor involves a lot less human experimentation than people realize. Really. Filling out paper work and signing checks is his life now. Answers the question of what happened to Lex Luthor at the end of Season 7 and what he's been up to since!
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Allison Mack is credited but does not appear in the episode. She does, however, appear after the credits. And she directs the episode.
Michael Rosenbaum and Kristen Kreuk guest star.
After the credits, the recording of Michael Rosenbaum's "Like a Boss" was said to have been "completely spontaneous."
It is established that since his absence at the end of season seven, Lex has developed an intricate network of spies, which he has used to amass power and take over the world.
It is rumored that Michael Rosenbaum agreed to come back to the show on the condition that he was shot from the eyebrows down, so as not to show a clearly unshaven head. Scenes from previous seasons were edited in as necessary.
It is revealed that Lana knows that Lex is alive and they are engaging in random bouts of hate sex.
It is unknown whether or not Lex has been effected by the same thing that causes other people to burst out into song and dance. He only has two performances: one is conducted half in voice over and the other happens after the credits.
It is established that Lex is living in Gotham, engaged in battle against an opponent he feels is a better challenge than Clark -- Bruce Wayne.
It is revealed that Lex's guards are reining champions of an underground street dancing team.
More Trivia »

Lana Lang: One of these days, I was hoping I could walk through this door and not be able to say that tales of your demise have been greatly exaggerated.
Lex Luthor: I could say the same to you, though an innocent man hasn't been sent to jail for mine.
Lana Lang: You're hardly innocent, Lex.
Lex Luthor: Are any of us?
Lana Lang: You took my innocence.
Lex Luthor: I wonder then who took mine.
Lana Lang: Go to hell.
Lex Luthor: I will. But you're going to come with me. Good night, Mrs. Luthor.

Rival Security Team: First rule of Underground Street Dancing: you don't talk about Underground Street Dancing.

Lex's Security Goon #1: Hey, guys. There's, like, alarms and shit going off at the manor. You think we should check it out?
Lex's Security Goon #2: Hell no. We're up next!

Lex's Security Team: You suckas got served.

Lex's Security Goon #4: No, Mr. Luthor, please. Mrs. Kent is trickier than we thought. I was seduced by the pie!
Lex Luthor: You have failed me for the last time.
Lex's Security Goon #4: Mr. Luthor, please!
Lex Luthor: [hands gun to Security Goon #1] I'm having the President around for dinner and I'd hate for there to be blood. Take him out to the veranda on the third floor.
Lex's Security Goon #1: You're coming with me! [drags Lex's Security Goon #3 away]
Lex Luthor: I'm the boss.
More Quotes »

"Fast Blood " performed by Michael Rosenbaum (originally by Frightened Rabbit)
"Dirty Pop" performed by Lex's Security Team (originally by N*Sync)
"Like A Boss" performed by Michael Rosenbaum (originally by The Lonely Island)

Season 10, Episode 14
Lois and Clark go head-to-head for a story. But at what cost? Meanwhile, Kara goes through some changes.
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Allison Mack and Robert Wisdom are credited but do not appear in this episode.
Michael McKean guest stars.
At the end of the "Love is all around" performance, Laura Vandervoort is seen throwing her hat in the air.
More Trivia »

Clark Kent: Just remember, Lois, you've brought this on yourself.
Lois Lane: Oh, bring it, Kent. It is on.
Kara Kent: Bring what? What is on?

Clark Kent: Not that I have any say over how you live your life --
Kara Kent: You don't.
Clark Kent: And I'm not trying to dictacte your actions --
Kara Kent: You couldn't even if you tried.
Clark Kent: And I respect you as --
Kara Kent: What are you getting at, Clark?
Clark Kent: Your boyfriend. Is creepy. Creepy like a creepy thing.
Kara Kent: It's one of his quirks.
Clark Kent: I ran into him at the Talon and when we started talking about the crops he kept saying weird things about "sewing the seeds of darkness." It was...disturbing to say the least.
Kara Kent: Part of his charm. Don't have a cow, Clark.

Perry White: So where's the lady editor?
Clark Kent: You mean Chloe?
Perry White: Yeah, I didn't see her last time I was here, but I just assumed she was too busy running the place.
Clark Kent: Uh, actually, Mr. White, Chloe doesn't work here.
Perry White: So she's writing for someone else? The Journal? Times?
Clark Kent: Uh, no. She's out of the reporting business. I think she's Oliver Queen's personal assistant now.
Perry White: Huh. I know she got blacklisted again, but I didn't think it would stick. She seemed like the "pry it from my cold, dead hands" type.
Clark Kent: Blacklisted?
Perry White: Yeah. Even from beyond the grave, the Luthors have got a lot of pull. [pause] Huh. I wonder if she'd get me an interview with the boss. Or should I just talk to her? Q.I.'s been doing pretty well, even in this economy. Somehow I wouldn't put all my money on Queen's good business sense.

Lois Lane: What's up with Clark? He's been acting all weird and distant.
Kara Kent: Clark had a dark weight removed from his soul.
Lois Lane: Shove the metaphysical touchy-feely crap. What's his deal?
Kara Kent: Clark has had a change of perspective recently. For the first time in a long time, he has complete control of his life. I believe he is relishing in this opportunity. I doubt it has anything to do with you. Perhaps you should address your concerns to him?
Lois Lane: I didn't say anything about any "concerns." may have a point. I'll take it into consideration.
Kara Kent: Now will you one tell me what it is I'm supposed to be bringing?
More Quotes »

"Anything You Can Do" performed by Erica Durance and Tom Welling (John Barrowman and Ruthie Henshall version)
"Love is All Around" performed by Laura Vandervoort and the Daily Planet Staff (originally by Sonny Curtis)
"7 Things" performed by Erica Durance (originally by Miley Cyrus)
"Making Our Dreams Come True" performed by the Daily Planet Staff (originally by Cyndi Grecco)

courtest of

First look at Tom as Clark in the new season of Smallville!!

I don't know how I feel about Smallville High Musical! but I can't wait to hear our Tommy sing!

What do you guys think??

Season 10, Episode 15
Rokk sends Clark back through time with a set of cryptic instructions: he must save the cheerleader Lana Lang in order to save the future! Now, stuck in the year 2000, Clark has to relive his 8th grade year all over again! Will he be too late to save his first love?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Allison Mack is credited but does not appear in this episode. An actress in a blonde wig is shown from behind. Snippets of conversation from previous episodes were edited together to provide the dialogue.
Erica Durance, Laura Vanervoort, and Robert Wisdom are credited but do not appear.
Ryan Kennedy, Kristen Kreuk, Sam Jones III, James Marsters, and Jonathan Schneider guest star.
More Trivia »

Brainiac 5: Save the cheerleader, save the world.
Clark Kent: Now you're just being ridiculous.
Rokk Krinn: I knew we shouldn't have let him into the 21st century historical documents.

Brainiac 5: Chloe Sullivan is the blonde one, correct?
Clark Kent: Yeah...
Brainiac 5: Strange.
Clark Kent: What is?
Brainiac 5: To see her now after spending all of those months inside of her --
Clark Kent: I don't know what your intentions are, but if you've got designs on her --
Brainiac 5: I did not think I would ever make this sound but ewww. You are incorrect, Kal-El. Chloe Sullivan is, for all intents and purposes, my mother. I was merely remarking on her...youth. She seems...lighter.
Clark Kent: Yeah. She does.
More Quotes »

"Everything" performed by Tom Welling (originally by Lifehouse)
"Kids in America" performed by the Smallville High Students (originally by Kim Wilde)
"High School Never Ends" performed by Tom Welling (originally by Bowling for Soup)
"No Such Thing" performed by Tom Welling and Kristen Kreuk (originally by John Mayer)

Season 10, Episode 16
After a night of drunken debauchery Clark wakes up to the ultimate discovery. But is he the only one his decisions affect? He's going to need the help of his friends now more than ever! Martha Kent returns!
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Allison Mack is credited but does not appear in this episode.
Alessandro Juliani, Michael Rosenbaum, and Annette O'Toole guest star.
Tom Welling directed this episode.
It seems that Clark is still in contact with Pete as Pete is named godfather of the child and sends a gift with his and Lana's name on it.
It takes one week from conception to become full term. It is unknown if Connor will age at an accelerated rate.
During the naming it is revealed that on Krypton, Kara was responsible for naming Clark.
Martha returns to the farm to raise Connor.
Over the end credits is the song "Shut up (and sleep with me)" done by Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling. Originally it was to be used during the flashback scene where Clark thinks about the events leading up to his night with Lex. The scene (and song) were cut for time.
It is never clarified exactly how Clark gave birth.
It is established that on Krypton, it was not unheard of for either the man and woman to carry a child.
More Trivia »

Uxas Eskrad: If I am not mistaken, it would appear that your cousin is pregnant.
Kara Kent: If I am not mistaken, you are trespassing.
Uxas Eskrad: I come in peace.
Kara Kent: The law permits me to leave you in pieces.
Uxas Eskrad: As delicious as this banter is, I have come to ask you to dinner. Are you hungry?
Kara Kent: Ravenous.
Clark Kent: I'm hungry too! Do we have anymore screws?
Uxas Eskrad: Ah, the legendary pregnancy cravings of the Kryptonian male. Should you require any assistance, I have it on excellent authority that I am a fully capable midwife.

Clark Kent: He took advantage of me! I -- I was drunk and he took advantage of me!
Kara Kent: We are not affected by alcohol --
Clark Kent: It wasn't alcohol! It was science, I don't know! He's evil!

Emil Hamilton: I have delivered far fewer infants from alien mothers than you would realize.
Clark Kent: I am not a mother!
Emil Hamilton: Your...current condition might --
Clark Kent: Not!
Kara Kent: Do not argue with him. It is the hormones.
Emil Hamilton: As you have more memories of your planet than Clark, is there any insight you are able to provide?
Kara Kent: Not a bit. I was away at school when Uncle Jor gave birth.
Emil Hamilton: Ah. That is unfortunate.
Clark Kent: When...what?
Kara Kent: Uxas knows all sorts of things about --
Clark Kent: I am not letting that guy anywhere near my child.
Kara Kent: And why not?
Emil Hamilton: If he has any insight as to what should be done, I will admit I welcome the help.
More Quotes »

"Housewife" performed by Tom Welling (originally by Jay Brannan)
"Having My Baby" performed by Michael Rosenbaum (originally by Paul Anka)
"Shut up (And Sleep With Me)" performed by Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum (originally by Sin With Sebastian)

posted to clex_sex


SRY about the quality! Will try to upload HQ when I get the vid. But I just had to take caps of all the clex-y goodness. I mean, Clark and Lex have a baby? That baby grows up to be Superboy A.K.A. Connor Kent(-Luthor...LOL) A.K.A. Kon-El? BEST. SMALLVILLE. EPISODE. EVER. Bravo, SV writers, for finally getting something right! Now if only Clark's pesky dream sequence about he and Lex running off together and living happily ever after had been true..........LOL!

Download URLS:

Megaupload - File A (122 MB) | File B (128 MB) | File C (112 MB) | File D (117 MB)

Season 10, Episode 17
In the fight with a meteor-infected individual, Oliver's wardrobe is damaged in the process! With a hoard of rabid gold-diggers waiting outside of his penthouse, how will Oliver survive the day?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Laura Vandervoort, and Robert Wisdom are all credited but do not appear in this episode.
Justin Hartley performed all of his own stunts.
In the original script, Oliver was supposedly too busy battling the meteor-infected and he forgot to do laundry. Once it was pointed out by a P.A. that Oliver is a billionaire and that the storyline didn't make sense, the episode was rewritten and reshot. The P.A. was fired.
More Trivia »

Oliver Queen: It seems that all of my clothes have been irrepairably damaged! I guess I better sit around here and wait for some more to come to me.

Oliver Queen: I seemed to have worked up an appetite doing yoga and lounging around my penthouse beautifully. I should go cook a delicious, but nutritious meal for myself. But I better not make a mess. Chocolate sauce doesn't lick itself off and there's no one here to do it for me.

Oliver Queen: It seems I have jinxed myself. I have spilled chocolate sauce on my pants. I'd better remove them. But slowly so as not to spread the stain...
More Quotes »

"I'm Too Sexy" performed by Justin Hartley (originally by Right Said Fred)

Season 10, Episode 18
In an alternate reality, Clark Kent joined the Police Academy instead of becoming a a detective, Clark has to deal with metahumans, costumed vigilantes, and an ex-wife from hell! Will his new partner, John Jones, be an asset...or an adversary?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Allison Mack is credited but does not appear in this episode.
Phil Morris and Kristen Kreuk guest star.
More Trivia »

John Jones: Go ahead, make my day.
Clark Kent: He doesn't mean that. Shooting someone accumulates a lot of paperwork. It's really more of a hassle than a highlight.

Bad Guy #1: You should have killed him while you had the chance!

Lana Lang: Is that your gun or are you just happy to see me?
Clark Kent: I should probably tell you that I am carrying my gun, yes.
Lana Lang: You and I both know you don't need it.
Clark Kent: Why are you here, Lana? Did you come back for that little piece of my soul you forgot to suck out?
Lana Lang: I see you've been hanging out with Officer Lane.
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"Bad Boys" performed by Phil Morris and Tom Welling (originally by Bob Marley)

Season 10, Episode 19
In a last ditch effort to get Clark to open up to her, Lois makes a wish that leaves Clark unable to lie. But will the consequences be too high?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

There is no trivia for this episode.
More Trivia

Victim #1: You saved my life! Who are you?
Clark Kent: I'm Clark Kent. But you might know me better as The Bl --
Lois Lane: We have to go.

Kara Kent: If you make this good of a reporter, I'd love to see what kind of a midwife you'd make.
Uxas Eskrad: Are you coming on to me, Kara Zor-El?
Kara Kent: And if I am?
Uxas Eskrad: Then we should get pasta.

Lois Lane: All I wanted was for you to be honest with me.
Clark Kent: I'm trying to be.
Lois Lane: I wasn't finished. All I wanted was for you to be honest with me. But you can't. Because there's this whole other side of you that belongs to the world, and I can't share that. At first I thought The Blur was cool because, you know, he was helping people, but he was untouchable. Except with me. But it's the opposite now, isn't it?
Clark Kent: I don't know what you mean.
Lois Lane: You're listening for people in danger right now, aren't you?
Clark Kent: I can turn it off if you'd like.
Lois Lane: You shouldn't. Those people need you. And I'm too selfish to stand back and just wait at home, hoping you're okay.
Clark Kent: But, Lois --
Lois Lane: No, Clark. This isn't about you being a meteor person or superhero. I'm making the best decision for me. And that decision is that we should see other people.
More Quotes »

"Forever and Always" performed by Erica Durance (originally by Taylor Swift)
"Walk Away" performed by Tom Welling (originally by Aloha From Hell)
"Shut up and Drive" performed by Erica Durance (originally by Chely Wright)

Season 10, Episode 20
Chloe is back in Metropolis, changed from her time away. But she is pursued by Gotham's most eligible bachelor...the enigmatic Bruce Wayne! What's he doing in Metropolis and what does the League have to do with it?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Michael Rosenbaum and Matt Long guest star.
This marks the first of only two appearances of the character Bruce Wayne on Smallville.
Directed by Justin Hartley.
It is revealed that Clark, although living on the farm, makes several trips to Smallville throughout the day to visit his son Connor, who seems to be growing at a normal rate.
In the episode commentary, one of the producers stated that it "didn't feel right" to have The Batman sing. So instead, Matt Long was instructed to "speak" the lyrics to his song.
More Trivia »

Chloe Sullivan: Look, Clark, I would love to sit here and comfort you, but you haven't run for your Fortress of Solitude yet, so I'm pretty sure you're good. Lois, on the other hand, needs Ben & Jerry and movies where things go boom.
Clark Kent: Chloe, you don't know what happened.
Chloe Sullivan: Lois wouldn't tell me, but I've got a pretty good idea. I know that you need to sit Lois down and have the "I'm from a galaxy far, far away" conversation, but you won't because it's either 'for her own good' or you're just scared. Either way, you didn't listen to me when it was Lana, why would you listen to me now?
Clark Kent: That's not it.
Chloe Sullivan: [pauses] No, it's not. You haven't started the super mope, so. What is it? Lana?
Clark Kent: It's not, it's not Lana.

Bruce Wayne: Seduction by insult only works on television.
Chloe Sullivan: I'm not trying to seduce you, Bruce, I'm just insulting you.
Bruce Wayne: And yet, you've recently applied a fresh coat of lipstick.
Chloe Sullivan: It's so funny how you think I did that for you.

Bruce Wayne: What are my intentions toward her? I didn't think anyone said that outside of harlequin romance novels.
Clark Kent: Answer the question.
Bruce Wayne: I merely think she's a remarkable woman, wouldn't you agree?
Clark Kent: Yes. She is.
Bruce Wayne: I see.

Chloe Sullivan: So, you fell out of love with Lois. Wow.
Clark Kent: After Zatanna broke that spell, it just didn't feel right anymore. I mean, I liked her. A lot. I probably could have fallen in love with her again. After everything we've been through, I wanted to tell Lois my secret, but --
Chloe Sullivan: But Lois doesn't do heroes. Ouch. I'm sorry, Clark.
Clark Kent: It's okay. I can't expect her to be able to handle it. Lois will find someone else.
Chloe Sullivan: And you? You're just going to let her go?
Clark Kent: Lois deserves someone that's going to love her unconditionally. That guy just wasn't me.
Chloe Sullivan: And here I was thinking Lois and Clark were going to be a love story for the ages.
Clark Kent: We just...weren't right for each other. If things were different, maybe. If I'd met Lois first. I mean --
Chloe Sullivan: Ooh, sounds like you've got your eye on someone already.
Clark Kent: Kinda.
Chloe Sullivan: Well, you have my and Lois's blessing. [off Clark's look] In between Vin Diesel movies she may have let it slip.
Clark Kent: She's okay?
Chloe Sullivan: She will be. Now, tell me about this mystery woman of yours.
Clark Kent: Well, I don't want to jinx it. But. I have it on good authority that she can handle both sides of my identity.
Chloe Sullivan: A woman who can handle both the man and the superhero? She sounds...remarkable.
Clark Kent: She is. Chloe, I -- [hears something in his super-hearing] Chloe, there's something --
Chloe Sullivan: [looking at her phone] Robbery at First National or something else?
Clark Kent: Robbery.
Chloe Sullivan: Go. I'll coordinate from here.
Clark Kent: Chloe --
Chloe Sullivan: Time to save the world, Super Hero. Go.
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"Yesterday" performed by Tom Welling (originally by the Beatles)
"Wanted Dead or Alive" performed by Matt Long (originally by Bon Jovi)
"Over My Head (Cable Car)" performed by Tom Welling (originally by The Fray)

Season 10, Episode 21
Lex is back in Metropolis -- and he's out for revenge! How will our heroes outwit a dead man?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Aaron Ashmore, Carlo Marks, Michael Rosenbaum, and Sam Witwer guest star.
It is revealed that Lex is the one who kidnapped Oliver and messed with his memories as a form of revenge.
This episode was used to launch the premise of the spin-off starring Allison Mack, Carlo Marks, and Sam Witwer. Do to the graphic nature of their performance during "Sexyback," the show was deemed inappropriate for the CW.
It is revealed that Lex is allowed visits with his son Connor under the strict supervision of Martha Kent.
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Davis Bloome: Hell no. I'm not getting involved with you crazy people again. I ended up randomly evil and then dead last time. No thanks. I'm just here to bring sexy back. Stephen? A little help if you will.

Oliver Queen: I thought I killed you.
Lex Luthor: You did think that, didn't you? And you felt really bad about it afterwards, which surprised me even more than the fact that you had the balls to try to kill me in the first place. So when you hung up the leather and started drinking, I'll admit I was touched.

Lex Luthor: You can't be allowed to continue, Chloe Sullivan. Bruce and I have been playing this game for a long time, and now is not the time for you to interfere. Do you want to know what I do to people who interfere?
Chloe Sullivan: Spare me the dramatics or kill me, Lex, okay? Anything but a monologue.
Lex Luthor: I'm not going to kill you. Let's not be obvious.

Lex Luthor: I grow tired of our games, Clark. Let your mother know that I'll be around to visit Connor later tonight.
Clark Kent: Fine, you win. You can visit Connor. But don't keep him up too late. If you keep him up too late it will throw off his entire sleep schedule.
Lex Luthor: Yes, dear.
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"Sexyback" performed by Sam Witwer (originally by Justin Timberlake)
"Knowing Me, Knowing You" performed by Allison Mack (originally by ABBA)
"Kiss Me, Son of God" performed by Michael Rosenbaum (originally by They Might Be Giants)

Season 10, Episode 22
In order to face off against the Music Meister, the metahuman responsible for all of the singing and dancing madness they've recently had to endure, Clark has to unite the League and team up with the JSA! Will they be able to defeat the Music Meister -- or will Lex's plans for revenge get in the way?
Episode Overview | Read Reviews

Kyle Gallner, John Glover, Neil Patrick Harris, Alaina Huffman, Eric Johnson, Sam Jones III, Kristen Kreuk, Matt Long, Phil Morris, Alan Ritchson, Michael Rosenbaum, Jonathan Schneider, Michael Shanks, Annette O'Toole, and Lee Thompson Young all guest star.
The Superman costume Clark is briefly seen in at the end of the episode is the one Brandon Routh wore in Superman Returns. But due to actor Tom Welling's complete refusal to wear the suit, it was added over his real outfit using CGI.
A protest was staged outside of the Warner Brother's lot when it was announced that there might be an eleventh season of Smallville. The main cast were rumored to have organized the event.
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Uxas Eskrad: You thought I was evil? I haven't even done anything!
Clark Kent: You're from a place called Apocalypse!
Uxas Eskrad: It's Apokolips, not Apocalypse, and there's hardly anything I can do about that, is there? See, that's exactly why I came to Earth. I wanted to look at some business models, probably look for ways to get better PR for my planet.
Kara Kent: And I would be their queen.
Uxas Eskrad: But if you meet new people and treat them this way, well, I can see how Earth is one of the most attacked planets in the quadrant.

Kara Kent: We go in hard and fast -- BAM -- let Rao sort it out.
Chloe Sullivan: I appreciate the subtlety, Kara, but no.

[After Clark's song]
Chloe Sullivan: If you tell me that it was "the situation" I will end you, Clark Kent.
Clark Kent: If you thought that revealing your love for Jersey Shore would make me change my mind, you're mistaken. I lov -- I...I know it's unfair. Since I'm going off to do my training and I don't know how long that will take. But. I just. I just thought you should know. I'm in love with...
Chloe Sullivan: Jersey Shore?
Clark Kent: They talk a lot. On Jersey Shore. They're nosy, too. They have to know everything that's going on all the time everywhere. And they always have to be right.
Chloe Sullivan: They have a tendency to be right.
Clark Kent: And sometimes I don't agree with them. Their methods. On Jersey Shore. I thought I'd be better off without Jersey Shore. I tried not to -- not to think about it. But I wasn't better off without Jersey Shore. I never am. I don't think...uh, I don't think Jersey Shore should wait for me.
Chloe Sullivan: Jersey Shore agrees. They tried it. It took you ten years to catch on.
Clark Kent: I know, and I'm sorry.
Chloe Sullivan: Besides, turns out Jersey Shore has become pretty popular. Especially with Oliver. You know, he lost his memory of Jersey Shore and yet he's still expressing an interest in --
Clark Kent: [kisses her] Please don't get involved with Oliver.
Chloe Sullivan: Get in -- now wait a minute. I could have sworn we were talking about Jersey Shore. It's awfully presumptious for you to assume that --
Clark Kent: [kisses her again] Please don't get involved with Oliver.
Chloe Sullivan: Clark. I'm pretty sure Oliver's more into channel surfing right now, if you know what I mean.
[more kissing]
Chloe Sullivan: Now what was all that about "Jersey Shore shouldn't wait for me unless, of course, the other option is Oliver?"
Clark Kent: It would. Uhm.
Chloe Sullivan: Can we stop referring to me as Jersey Shore? It makes me feel dirty.
Clark Kent: Also, please not Bruce.
Chloe Sullivan: Anyone else?
Clark Kent: Well, if Davis happens to come back from the dead --
Chloe Sullivan: Only in Kansas is that a legitimite worry. Yes. Okay. If Davis comes back from the dead, I promise I will do my best to discourage his advances.
Clark Kent: Also, if Jimmy --
Chloe Sullivan: Clark.
Clark Kent: Right. Sorry.

Chloe Sullivan: Just go off to your training, Clark. The rest can wait.
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"Save Me" performed by Cast of Smallville (originally by Remy Zero)
"Marchin' On" performed by Cast of Smallville (originally by One Republic)
"Try" performed by Tom Welling (originally by Asher Book)
"A Drop in the Ocean" performed by Tom Welling (originally by Ron Pope)

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Before he was Superman, he was just a young man with extraordinary abilities.