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[ART] Gift for simplytoopretty

Summer 2011
For: [ profile] simplytoopretty
Request: Three things she'd like in a graphic: black-and-white, hugging scenes, kept fairly simple
Type: Picspam
Title: easier to put love into hugs than to put it into words
Summary: Millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time to describe that tiny instant of all eternity when you put your arms around me and I put my arms around you. -Jacques Prévert
A/N: Made for the LJ comm, secret_chlark. See, here's the thing: at first I wanted to make you everything. Videos and fanmixes and arts of all kinds and the world was just bursting with possibilities. And rainbows.

Then I didn't want to make you anything. Because the world was a sad, sad place. And everyone hated puppies. It was sad. And gray. So very, very gray. (And sad.)

Then I was trying to bribe other people to do it for me. You were one of those people. This plan did not work.

Then I had THE BEST IDEA EVER. I later realized that the idea didn't make any sense to other people. (And that it probably wasn't that good of an idea if it made me stop making sense to people.) (In hindsight, this idea no longer makes sense to me either.) (I think.)

Then I had a different BEST IDEA EVER. Annnnd it turned out that it actually was a good idea, but I am a terrible writer. (And terribly lazy.) (So very, very lazy.)

Then I had a third BEST IDEA EVER. Annnnd it turned out that it wasn't what you wanted. Like. At all. (And it would take too long.) (Mostly it would take too long.) (I figured I'd just make you like it.) (I mean, if I like it, isn't that enough?)

Then I had a semi-decent idea that wouldn't suck away the rest of my summer and had the added bonus of not making me look like a crazy person. (As you know, once I get in the throes of one of my BEST IDEA EVERs, sanity is the first thing to go.) (Followed shortly by sleep and really, it's just downhill from there.) (Lionel Luthor in a tracksuit. I don't think I need to say anything else.)

Then it turned out my semi-decent-actually-sort-of-good-because-it's-actually-something-you-might-want-and-not-some-crazy-idea-vaguely-related-to-something-or-other-you-said-or-probably-didn't-actually-say-but-it-gave-me-an-excuse-to-do-this-other-thing-anyway was not due when I thought it was due so technically I was done early.

So. It festered. (And [ profile] blackheart_me