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[ART] Dark Angel Big Bang - Weird Science by glitterfics for darkangel_bb

Weird Science (Or, Isn't It Always The Way; Just When You Find a Cure For One Specific Gene Targetted Pathogen Another One Comes Along)
Author: [info]glitterfics
Summary: After being rescued from the clutches of a crazy ex-Manticore scientist Alec and Logan seem to be on the road to recovery...until they start simultaneously collapsing despite there being nothing wrong with either of them.
Pairing: Alec/Logan
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Some torture and a lot of made up scientific nonsense.
Link to story: AO3 | LJ: Part One - Part Two

01. EMINEM. like toy soldiers.
02. KATE HAVNEVIK. i don't know you.
03. FLORENCE + THE MACHINE. between two lungs.
04. MORRISSEY. black cloud.
05. STATELESS. bloodstream.
06. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY. your hand in mine.
Download zip [here] @ MU, 35.9 MB.