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[ART] 2009 and 2010 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Big Bang Cover Art

There may be spoilers in the summaries of some of the stories.


Still Flying by xfirefly9x Still Flying, Firefly/Stargate SG-1, PG
Author: [ profile] xfirefly9x
Summary: SG-1 is stranded in the Firefly universe. They join forces with the crew of Serenity in the hopes to find a way back home.
A Father's Truth by Foxy11814 A Father's Truth, Forever Knight, PG-13
Author: [ profile] foxy11814
Summary: Vampire hunters are loose in Toronto. Vampire Homicide Cop Nick Knight is on the case, but is he ready for it? His master, Lucien Lacroix, doesn’t think so since Nick is not on a vampire’s regular diet, but he’s willing to help. How far will Nick allow Lacroix to help him, and how far will Nick go to catch the hunters before they strike again?
The Castle on the Sea by Semisweetsoul The Castle on the Sea, Stargate Atlantis/Medium, G
Author: [ profile] semisweetsoul
Summary: Allison finds herself in Atlantis, if she could remember why...
a death, a proclamation by abby82 a death, a proclamation, Forever Knight, PG-13
Author: [ profile] abby82
Summary: When his former girlfriend begins to involve herself with a dark and possibly supernatural world, Chicago detective Nick Knight follows her elusive trail to the city of Toronto. It’s there that Nick crosses paths with the local vampire community and an increasingly suspicious homicide detective. With the help of a local ally, Nick tries to maintain his mortality, evade the local police and pull his former love back from the deadly world she’s entered.

Link to complete 2009 Masterlist


A Valley of Ashes by Bittersweet_Fic A Valley of Ashes, Lost, R
Author: [ profile] bittersweet_fic
Summary: AU Post-The Lighthouse (6.04) – Jacob thinks there may still be a way to stop recent events from unfolding, a message he gives to Richard through Hurley. It all hinges on Alex surviving, but just because she's alive doesn't mean she's safe regardless of how hard Richard tries to protect her especially with the Man in Black making a power play for the Island.
Seeker Academy by Hellkitty Seeker Academy, Transformers, R
Author: [personal profile] hellkitty
Summary: After losing Skyfire (their Fourth in their Quaterne) the remaining three struggle to pull themselves together.
In The Shadow of the Flames by Beccastareyes In The Shadow of the Flames, Visions of Escaflowne, PG
Author: [ profile] beccastareyes
Summary: Several months after the Destiny War, Asturian's northern border is troubled by a rogue guymelef. Sir Allen Schezar is sent to deal with it, but Zaibach's shadow still falls on his family, as Celena struggles to tell her brother the truth.
International Relations by Kittydesade International Relations, Night Watch/Human Target, PG-13
Author: [ profile] kittydesade
Summary: When children who have yet to make their Choice go missing up and down the West Coast of the United States, the head of the Moscow Night Watch sends Tiger Cub to help the Americans investigate. Her encounter with the assassin Guerrero seems to be a coincidence, but the deeper she goes into the investigation the fewer coincidences there seem to be.
Where There Is Darkness by Highlander_II Where There Is Darkness, Van Helsing, NC-17
Author: [personal profile] highlander_ii
Summary: What happens if Van Helsing doesn't defeat the Dracula beast and is taken prisoner instead? Carl and Anna have to locate Van Helsing and rescue him from Dracula's clutches before The Knights of the Holy Order learns what is going on and sends another army of operatives after the rogue monster hunter. In the meantime, Van Helsing has to survive his incarceration without losing his mind.
The Paradox Trap by Hhertzof The Paradox Trap, Doctor Who/the Sarah Jane Adventures/Black Hole High, PG
Author: [ profile] hhertzof
Summary: The Doctor wasn't the only person forgotten when the universe rebooted after the events of The Big Bang.
i've been wading through the high muddy water by missy_useless i've been wading through the high muddy water, Lost, R
Author: [ profile] missy_useless
Summary: Claire, Jack and Juliet leave the island together. Finding your way back into the world and going on living your life should be easier than struggling for bare survival, and it is. It really is. (Except when it's not, and they should have known better. They did know better. Maybe they've always excelled in self-deceit.) A recap/rewriting and continuation of S6. Contains lots of elements of the sixth season—so yes, there are spoilers—but is mostly AU. Takes place both on- and off-/post-island. No sideways!verse.

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